Panel Design & Integration Work

In our Dubai facility, we can undertake the following jobs:

• Design, Integration, Testing and FAT
• Protection, Marshalling Panel
• Remote Interface Panel
• Generator /AVR / Excitation Panel
• Vibration Monitoring System

Gas Turbine Hot Section Parts

We supply OEM/Refurbished/Aftermarket parts for GE FR5, FR6, FR7, FR9 & LM

• Fuel Nozzle
• Cross Fire Tubes
• Transition Pieces
• Turbine Nozzles
• Inlet Guide Vanes
• Combustion Liners
• Flow Sleeves

• Shroud Blocks
• Compressor Blades
• Turbine Buckets / Blades
• Casing Bolts
• Consumables

Gear Box – High Speed

Specialized and can do maintenance/refurbishment on manufacturer’s gear units. We are also able to offer a complete Site inspection and diagnostics of gearboxes and propose a replacement to any manufacturer’s gearbox.

Bibby Transmission / Altra Couplings

High performance critical equipment or machines which generally are (but not limited to) 1000 horsepower and rotate 3000 rpm or greater. All rotating machines whose reliability is essential to plant operations and whose failure (or shut down for maintenance) cause a unit to shutdown resulting in production loss.

• Ameridrives
• High performance flexible couplings
• Huco Dynatork

Generators & Motors

PPI is a manufacturer/supplier of HV generators and motors on a World wide basis. In addition they have personnel fully experienced in the installation, commissioning, service, repair, testing and maintenance of motors and generators from all manufacturers and employs chartered and other engineers to provide technical design and engineering support. Induction Motor 30KW – 20MW, Synchronous Motor 2P 500KW – 25MW,

Bently Nevada Vibration Monitoring System

Bently Nevada has a legacy of machinery protection and condition monitoring. BN 3500 System provides continuous online monitoring suitable for machinery protection. GETL can support Supply of Parts, Site Services, Training and can take Turnkey project

Power System Electric

We provides a wide range of products for control and management of electric power.

• Excitation System / Protective Relays
• Voltage Regulators / Genset Controls
• Synchronizing / Engine Controls
• Custom Transformers


• Liquid Fuel Check Valves
• Purge Air Check Valves
• Water Cooled Liquid Fuel Check Valves
• Water Injection Check Valves
• 3 way Purge Valves

Leslie Controls

• Control and Shutoff Valves
• Compressor Bleed Valves (R G Laurence)
• False Start Drain Valve
• Regulators
• Electrically Actuated Valves
• Linear Control Valves

Flow System

Flow Systems designs and manufactures flow meters, flow computers, flow controllers, and complete test stands which meet a wide variety of application requirements. Aircraft & Industrial Gas Turbine Air Test stands and Liquid Flow Test Stand for calibrating Gas Turbine hot section parts. Flow test stand is approved by mostly all OEMs like GE, Boeing, Siemens etc.

• Air Flow Test Stand – Turbine Fuel Nozzle
• Liquid Flow Test Stand – Turbine Fuel Nozzle
• Flow Computers & Controllers
• Mass Air Flow Sensor Test Stand

Electrostatic Lubrication / Hydraulic Oil Cleaner

Electrostatic Oil Cleaner Skid offer significant and unexpected benefits to turbine/generator users both technical and economical point of view. Extended oil service life, Varnish free lubrication and hydraulic oil circuits, reduction in bearing and gear wear. Extended seal and O-ring life. Improved heat exchanger performance and easier to control oil temperature.

Hydrodynamic Bearing

Our principal Turbo Star specializes in manufacture and repairs of hydrodynamic bearings for rotating machinery. Our capabilities include both centrifugally and statically cast Babbitt bearings. All
bearings are checked dimensionally to verify both bore and housing fits.

Our products include a complete line of journal / sleeve bearings, tilting pad journal bearings, equalizing and non-equalizing tilting pad thrust bearings, flat and tapered-land thrust plates for light
and heavy industrial equipment for oil & gas, power plants, and marine sectors. The parts are produced with high quality precision, and absolute dedication to our customer’s specifications and requirements.

• Head office with design and engineering capabilities in Europe
• Repair and Manufacture Facility in Dubai. Over 15 years of expertise
• Reverse and re-engineering capabilities
• On site NDT inspection
• Emergency turnaround
• Experts in the Repairs of Frame 5, 6 , 9 GT bearings, deflectors Fender Gear Box and
all types of Pump Bearings
• Work with OEM’s

We also deals in industrial valves

• Ball Valves Trunnion
• Ball Valves Top Entry
• Globe Valves
• Butterfly Valves
• Through Conduit Valves
• ESD Valves
• Strainers

• Ball Valves Floating
• Globe Valves
• Check Valves
• Plug Valves
• Needle Valves
• Marine Valves
• Cryogenic valves


• Well Head Valves
• Choke Manifolds
• Blow-Out Preventers (BOP)
• Surface Well Head System
• Surface Safety Valves
• Well Head Choke Valves
• Kill Manifolds
• Well Head Control Equipment
• Well Head Check Valves
• Well Head Check Panels

GT Auxiliaries

Exhaust Systems including:

• Internally Insulted Duckwork
• Round & Rectangular Stacks
• Silencers
• Exhaust Diffusers
• Diverter Dampers
• Air Intakes
• Expansion Joints
• Design


We can supply all kind of cables like MV, LV, HV, Controls Cables, Instruments Cables, Coaxial Cable, Fiber Optic Cables, Customized Cables, Flexibly Cables, Halogen Free and Fire Resistance cables, Cable termination, cable glands, lightening protection etc.