Fuel Pumps

Roper Pump Company fuel pumps are positive
displacement, spur gear pumps used as high-pressure main
fuel pumps on gas turbines.

Designed to order

  • Materials of construction are selected for the specific fuel and service
  • Built to withstand thermal shock and corrosion associated with most distillate and residual fuels

High Pressure Pumps

Roper Pump Company high pressure pumps are positive
displacement triple screw pumps.

  • Achieves flow rates up to 500 GPM at pressures up to 1000 PSI.
  • Delivers smooth flows with minimum pulsation.
  • Handles seal and lubrication oil, transformer oil, hydraulic oil, and fuel oil.
  • Does not require timing gears.
  • Features a cartridge design for ease of maintenance.

Liquid Fuel Flow Dividers

Flow dividers are used to separate a single larger
flow of liquid into multiple smaller flows. Roper
Pump Company flow dividers are specifically
designed for the electrical power generation
field. Our units are connected to industrial gas
turbines and maintain equal flows of liquid fuel
to all the turbine’s combustors.
In general, a flow divider is comprised
of a number of precision spur gear pumps
that are coupled together in a manner that
keeps them rotating at equal speeds. Each one
of those pumps is termed “a flow element”.
In operation, fuel is supplied to an inlet port
on the flow divider by a main fuel pump.
Once the fuel enters, it flows through a
common passage that feeds the inlet sides of all
flow elements. The energy contained in the
fuel flow causes all the flow elements to rotate
simultaneously and function as hydraulic motors.
Since all the gears are virtually the same size
and have very little clearance around them,
each flow element meters out an equal flow
of fuel from its discharge sides as it rotates.
Piping attached to the discharge port of each
element then conveys these equal fuel flows
to the combustor nozzles of the turbine.

Linear Flow Dividers

Linear flow dividers are constructed of flow elements that are attached together in a row and linked internally by intermediate coupling shafts. These units can be mounted horizontally or vertically

Circular Flow Dividers

The flow elements in a circular flow divider are arranged in a circular array and are linked together by a central planetary gear.

Roper Pump Company is a global supplier of high quality positive displacement pumps, designed to handle a broad range of industrial applications. In addition to helical gear pumps, progressing cavity pumps and triple screw pumps, we design and develop numerous custom pumps for customers with unique and demanding applications.

From a small pump company founded in 1857, Roper Pump Company has grown into a technological leader. With a large installed base, we have both the knowledge and experience to help you solve your most challenging pumping problems…and our strong global distribution network ensures that your needs are met on time, every time.

Our Markets


Roper Pump Company’s rugged and dependable range of positive displacement pumps provides versatile pumping solutions for even the most challenging industrial applications.


With over a century of experience in liquid cargo transfer, Roper Pump Company has always been trusted to load and unload your tankers quickly and safely.


For reliable operation of engines, compressors and turbines, thousands of customers depend on Roper Pump Company fuel pumps, lube pumps and liquid fuel flow dividers.


Roper Pump Company has numerous pumping solutions from the well to the refinery. Our industry leading DragonSlayer® Power Sections allow mud motors to run longer at unprecedented temperatures and depths.