Company Profile

Young & Franklin Inc. is a US manufacturer of precision, high quality fluid controls for the industrial energy and aerospace market segments.  Original equipment manufacturers and asset owners from across the globe look to Young & Franklin for fluid control solutions with the highest quality, durability and reliability.

Founded in 1918 and headquartered in Liverpool, New York USA, Young & Franklin (YF) designs, manufactures and services turbine controls for the energy and oil & gas markets. We have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification due to our strict adherence to quality management standards and a culture based on continuous improvement.

YF provides valves, actuators and controls to premier manufacturers of industrial turbines.  With an installed base of products running on more than 15,000 turbines, YF has built a solid reputation based on technical expertise and product excellence.

Offering a technology upgrade package consisting of the main gas turbine fuel and inlet air control devices, YF delivers customers the opportunity to replace complex hydraulically actuated controls with virtually maintenance-free electromechanically actuated (EMA) systems that outlast, outperform, and outthink their hydraulic predecessors.

Global field support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a network of YF Certified Repair & Overhaul Partners.

Tactair Fluid Controls Inc. is a subsidiary of Young & Franklin Inc. that designs and manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic controls for the aerospace market.  Tactair specializes in systems for wheel brake control, landing gear control, nose wheel steering control, flight control, and engine/nacelle control. The company’s component product line incorporates valves (including bleed-air valves) and valve manifolds, linear and rotary actuators and dampers, accumulators, and reservoirs. Tactair product can be found on a variety of fixed and rotary wing business, commuter, transport, and military aircraft.

Electrically Actuated Gas Control Valves

Leveraging decades of experience in hydraulically actuated valves,  Young & Franklin now offers electromechanically actuated (EMA) gas control valves designed specifically for the challenging operating conditions of industrial gas turbines.

Industrial gas turbines require precise control of the combustion process to drive efficiency, reduce emissions, and maximize availability.  When combined with the YF 1100 Series Digital Motor Controller, our EMA valves provide this control and offer substantial advantages over their hydraulically actuated counterparts.

YF 8662 Series Gas Splitter / Transfer Valve

YF 8655 Series Electric Stop/Ratio Valve

YF 3010 Series EMA Choked Flow Gas Control Valves

YF 3010E620 Series Electric Fuel Metering Unit

YF 8641 Series Integrated Natural Gas Fuel Control Valves

YF 1100D300 Series Digital Motor Controller

Hydraulically Actuated Gas Control Valves

8580 Series Gas Control Valves

8580 Series Stop/Ratio Valves

8580 Series Aux/Stop Valves

8550 Series Gas Splitter/Transfer Valves

8540 Series Gas Control Valves

8540 Series Gas Stop/Ratio Valves

7185 Series Gas Control Valves

7185 Series Stop/Ratio Valves